User account

Create a user account on this website if you would like to download test. Once you have an account in our database you may update Your Profile information in the dashboard and, as the web app develops, use the dashboard to manage your test data, including schools, artists, responses and scores. This site is still in construction, so please pardon our mess, and email me or comment on posts to make suggestions or ask questions.

Use your account for test administration and scoring

The future development of this website will offer users the capability to upload student responses, to score those responses, and to report scores. Further capabilities will include scoring the responses of others’ students in exchange for others’ scoring of your students’ responses and analysis of interrater reliability of those scores.

Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Download and print up test prompt pages.
  2. Administer the test in groups following the test instructions.
  3. Scan or photograph digital images of each test subject’s four responses.

Log in again with your user account to proceed:

  1. Add artists and their information to the database.
  2. Add names of schools in which artists are enrolled at the time of testing.
  3. Add each response and associate each with the appropriate student artist.
  4. Score the responses you have uploaded and view the score summary.

Not yet available website capabilities:

  1. Request access to scoring other teachers’ anonymous student artist responses.
  2. Enter your scores for one set of four responses at a time and save them.
  3. For each set of four responses you score, earn credit for your students’ responses to be scored. The more similar your scores are to others’ scores, the more credit you earn.