CDAT Project Calendar 2021-22

Sunday, Nov. 11: Participant applications due.

Thursday/Saturday, Dec. 9/11: Orientation video conference.

Friday, Dec. 17: Submit Informed Consent Form & Administrator Permission Form.

January: Participant conducts two sessions of deliberate teacher observation of 4th-grade art students.

Monday, Jan. 24: Participants submit rankings based on observations.

Thursday/Saturday, Jan. 27/29: CDAT Administration training video conference. Begin test administration.

Monday, Feb. 21: Submit CDAT responses of all 4th-grade art students for $50 gift card.

Thursday/Saturday, Feb. 24/26: Comparative judgment webapp training video conference.

Wednesday, Mar. 2: Complete comparative judgment assessments.

Additional participants join as assessors only.

Wednesday, Mar. 27: Complete any second-round comparative judgment assessments. $50 gift card provided.

Sunday, Apr. 16: Local ranking and percentile estimate results reported with recommendations for art instruction.

Sunday, Apr. 23: Exit survey.

Thursday/Saturday, Apr. 28/30: Optional focus group video conference for participants.